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Plain Jane - Pixie Stick - 510 Battery

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Plain Jane - Pixie Stick - 510 Battery

Plain Jane''s beautiful take on 510 batteries. This battery has a unique and vibrant colour gradient. It comes with 3 different variable voltage options to get the best out of favourite concentrates. The 320 mAh storage makes sure that this battery will be lasting long. USB charger included with LED indicator.


  • 320 mAh Storage Capacity
  • 510 Thread Compatible
  • Beautiful and Vibrant Gradient Colorway
  • LED Light Indicator
  • USB Charger Included
  • 3 Variable Voltage Levels


Ensure Your Battery is Adequately Charged

Charge the device for 2-3 hours to obtain a full charge.

Charging will be indicated by the LED light located on the battery.

Attach A Vape Cartridge

You can take any 510 thread cartridge 12mm in diameter or less and screw it onto the top of the vape battery.

Turning Your Device On

Click the round button on the battery 5x to turn the device on and off. Then, click the round button on the battery 2x to preheat and click the button once to cancel.


When the device is on, push and hold the round button throughout the duration of your inhale.

Selecting A Voltage Level

To adjust the voltage of your battery, click the button 3x rapidly and simultaneously.

Voltage is indicated by 3 colours: White (2.7) Blue (3.1) Red (3.6)

Certain cartridges may have maximum voltage levels and exceeding them could burn them out.

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